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We make your bathroom remodeling project simple and convenient with our installation techniques.

Did you know that Universal City shares one universal truth — that it is easy for homeowners to improve their bathrooms? That’s right, a Universal City bathroom remodeling is likely more accessible than you’d think. Homeowners can update their bathrooms, not because they’re old or outdated, but because a bathroom refresher can make a huge difference in the overall impression and value of a home. It takes less time and effort than you might have thought to get a bathroom remodeled or certain parts of it replaced, especially when you trust experts to handle the job.

The questions is really this: do you want to get full bathroom remodeling in Universal City, opt for a Universal City shower replacement, or choose a Universal City bathtub replacement? While you could technically do all three, sometimes just one of those options is enough to update your bathroom and turn it into a place that you absolutely adore going to. As the homeowner, you should feel special when you go into the bathroom, not miserable. Did you know that bath and shower accessories are part of what we offer when it comes to shower or bathtub replacements in Universal City?

It doesn’t have to be a negative experience when you are getting a shower replacement in Universal City or any of those other changes and renovations. It sounds like a major endeavor, but in reality, it’s all about who you’re working with. At Genie Bath Systems, we pride ourselves in keeping it quick, easy, and inexpensive. Our experts are ready and waiting to give you a free consultation on your bathtub, shower, or bathroom so that you can find the solution that best suits your needs and ideas. It’s never too late to update your bathroom, but you’d better act fast before the current trends stop being available or go out of style!

Genie Bath Systems has their own system worked out perfectly to make sure you get faster service than with anyone else. We’ll do this while keeping the quality high and the price low. Give us a call today to find out more!