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Alex G was very good

Bryan D.

Alex G did a great job at explaining the process of to replace my shower. Was very professional and thorough. Will be making a decision soon on replacing tub for shower after reviewing the quote.

Genie Bath Systems

Thank you for taking time to review the information & quote. We are here if you have any questions. Thanks for the 5 Stars.

Trust Worthy

Misty A.

We met with Andrew Pollman in our home for quote on a shower/bathroom remodel. We instantly felt like he was someone we could trust and we were right. He took the time to walk through our ideas, explained what Genie Bath Systems had to offer and helped us design the shower/bathroom we have been desiring for years. When it turned out to be a bit more expensive than we anticipated (mold issue), Andrew was able to secure a great discounted price and worked on getting us a fantastic financing option. I’d recommend Andrew to anyone. You will not regret trusting him in your home and with your job.

Genie Bath Systems

Your desire will soon become reality with all the great options that Andy had for you and your family. Your trust is Andy is spot on. He takes time to listen and finds a way to make it affordable. Thanks you for your feedback your 5 Star Review.

5 star service

Lydia G.

Travis was very knowledgeable and answered all questions and concerns about our new shower.

Genie Bath Systems

Glad Travis was able to help. Thanks for the 5 Star Review.

Excellent Sales Staff

L'Tanya R.

Met with Andrew Pollman to get an estimate for updating our master bath. He was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable. I told him we are still in the planning and budgeting phase of our project and gave him a general idea of what we want to do. Andrew then walked me through a thorough inspection, and patiently answered all my questions. He spent time determining what we liked, then reviewed the options Genie Bath Systems had to meet our requirements. He didn't try to up sell us, and made sure we understood exactly what Genie Bath could do for us. Most importantly, there was no "today only" hard sales pitch. It was the most pleasant estimating experience I have had in quite a while. As the first impression of the company, Genie Bath Systems has a winner in Andrew Pollman.

Genie Bath Systems

Andy is a winner! He designs great bathroom options and is great at answering all questions so you can make an informative decision. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

Bathroom Presentation

Jessie I.

Alex was very professional and polite. Highly recommend to friends and family.

Genie Bath Systems

Appreciate you recommending us and we appreciate the 5 Star Review!

Rolando & Jason

Leslie O.

Awesome very professional

Genie Bath Systems

Awesome! Thanks for the review.

Repair of installation

Charles J.

Installation was good the first time, but one blemish has to be repaired. Travis arrived early, prepared and was very efficient and clean at the job site. Very satisfied!

Genie Bath Systems

Travis is certainly very efficient and does great work. Glad we were able to make it right for you. Thank you for the feedback.


daryl l.

We had a very pleasant experience with Renee as our advisor. Her knowledge of the product is excellent. Love talking to her.

Genie Bath Systems

Renee is full of knowledge to give you great bathroom options. Thank you for the 5 Star Review!

Best experience/Renee Sloan

Cindy L.

We met Renee Sloan (Genie Bath Systems) to get a quote on a walk-in bath, she was professional; friendly & funny in one. She’s the best. She showed us every possible option that she could think of but she had my taste down pat within the first 20 minutes of meeting us. I was just going to have them rip out my old shower but then she showed me what they could do & said it would help with resale if we ever put our home on the market. She explained how they were going to be going down to the stubs in the remodel not just cover up the existing items so that whatever issues there are will be fixed before they put in our new tub & shower. They’re outfitting the shower with an attached bench 2 grab bars & an adjustable shower head/hand held. We’re so excited about this. She gave us step by step in how the whole situation would go& we’re actually going to meet the project manager in 2 days because he’s going to be taking a look at our block window and see if they can put in a window that actually opens. Which we all know bathrooms need a window that actually functions correctly!! And she’s from the Balt

Genie Bath Systems

I certainly agree with you - Renee is the best. Looks like both of you bonded well and you have a new friend too. I am so exited that Renee was able to give you great bathroom options and soon you will have your dream bathroom Thank you for this incredible review. We thank you!

Best sale ever

Lindsey J.

Andrew came into our home and instantly, we felt like he was someone we could trust. We were correct. He took the time to explain everything to us about Genie’s thorough process, and helped us design a beautiful, functional bathroom. Although our bathroom projects ended up being considerably more complex than we’d imagined, (and serious, due to mold), Andrew was able to secure a fair price. We could have gotten this done cheaper with merely cosmetic fixes, but this job will actually repair the major damage that lurked under the surface, and give us a better bath environment. Lifetime warranty helps, too. I’d recommend Andrew to anyone. Trust him in your home and with your job. You won’t regret it.

Genie Bath Systems

Thank you for all your feedback. Andrew is certainly a genuine person. He will not steer you wrong. I am glad he was able to find solutions for you and at a fair price. Wait until the bathroom installation starts, you will fall in love your new bathroom.

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