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We make your bathroom remodeling project simple and convenient with our installation techniques.

You likely already know how essential a comfortable, spacious, and private bathroom for your Leon Valley home. But, what exactly makes a bathroom ideal? Is it good lighting for your pampering? Safe fixtures for those of various ages in your family? Large spaces to make everyone feel comfortable? Or a unique style that can be shown off to visitors in your home? Certainly, all of these contribute to the ideal bathroom, but they aren’t the most important thing in your Leon Valley bathroom.

The most important thing you want to consider for your Leon Valley bathroom remodeling is to consider replacing the bathtub. The options for Leon Valley bathtub replacement will blow you away! You can get outdated tubs replaced, rather than reglazing, making the whole fixture appear more modern and clean. This is a longer-term solution to save money and keep your bathroom looking great! Plus, bathtub replacement in Leon Valley is considerably easy, with skilled professionals one phone call away.

We also recommend considering a shower replacement in Leon Valley. Shouldn’t you wake up in the morning and feel excited about the shower you’re getting into? It should leave you feeling clean and rejuvenated, which can be a problem, as many showers have chips, stains, or mildew present. Why not consider your options for a Leon Valley Shower replacement? While there are great options for bathroom remodeling in Leon Valley, this doesn’t require a full bathroom remodel; it could simply be an update to your shower head or a new shower wall.

When you know it’s time for your Leon Valley bathroom makeover, we recommend calling the pros at Genie Bath Systems. Whether you want to replace your bath or shower, or due to a whole remodel job, the experienced and licensed technicians at Genie Bath Systems are available to give you a free consultation that helps you determine the best options for your dream bathroom. Why not call Genie Bath Systems today?