When homeowners want to improve their bathtubs, they often believe their only choice is a new replacement tub. However, there are various ways to update an outdated bathtub without investing in a replacement.

As an experienced bathroom remodeler team, we know numerous ways to update an older bathtub. This article will cover the best ways to update an outdated bathtub in your home. 

Replacing the Bathtub's Fixtures

One simple way to add a modern design to your bathtub is by replacing the bathtub's fixtures. If you have an older bathtub model, it likely has a faucet that was a popular design trend many years ago. 

For modern design trends, you can install a matte black faucet and drain plug for your bathtub. These fixtures create a sophisticated look that goes well with all bathtub designs.

If you don't want to replace your bathtub's fixtures, you can give them a deep cleaning to restore their shine. You can turn an older fixture into an eye-catching detail of your bathroom. 

Adding Accessibility Features

As we get older, our mobility declines, and bathing in a standard bathtub becomes more challenging. Fortunately, there is a wide range of accessibility features that you can add to a standard bathtub. 

Some of the most common accessibility features you can add to your home are:

  • Grab Bars
  • Built-In Seating
  • Safety Rails

Refinishing Your Bathtub

Has your bathtub developed staining that affects its appearance? If this is your bathtub, you can bring new life into your tub with a complete refinishing service. Refinishing involves sanding the older surface to reveal the shinier and whiter finish below it. 

After the sanding is complete, a new layer of epoxy is added to seal the bathtub to handle many more years of use. Before deciding to replace your bathtub, you should first determine if your tub is a candidate for a refinishing service.

Installing a New Bath Surround

If your bathtub is in good shape, but you want to refresh the design, you should consider a new bath surround. You can customize a bath surround to blend with your bathroom design and be a centerpiece of the space.

Whether you want a bath surround that's a neutral color or something more exciting, you can work with a bathroom remodeling company for the project. Bath surrounds help to personalize your bathtub and make it more private in your bathroom. 

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