A bathroom remodeling project can be a serious undertaking. It’s an investment in time, finances, and the upgrade of your home’s value. You wouldn’t want to get far into a bathroom renovation only to find out that paperwork prevents you from reaping the benefits.

Homeowners may be surprised that many routine home renovation projects require approval from the city through a permit. Failure to obtain a required permit may have costly consequences later on. Here are a few ways to know whether your bathroom remodel plans require city approval.

Permits Vary by Location

In general, you will likely need a permit if your renovation changes your home's structure, wiring, or plumbing. Still, the specific requirements for a license vary from county to county, so the first place you should seek information is your city’s municipal website.

Obtaining the necessary permits can be a tedious and exhaustive task, though an essential step still. One significant benefit of hiring an experienced bathroom remodeling company is that they typically handle the process of permits. As the homeowner, it may still be wise to ensure the correct permits were pursued.

Renovations that Change Structure Likely Require Permit

If your dream bathroom requires changing the room's overall current structure, it likely needs a permit. This can include things like cutting walls to fit new windows or adding walls to the existing space.

Even smaller structural changes like titling or adding a deep soak tub are considered when obtaining a permit. Don’t let this be a deterring factor, though. The benefits of a home remodeling project often far outweigh the steps required here.

Work on Electric or Pluming Needs Approval

Renovations that require plumbing and/or electrical work also change the structure of your home. If you currently have a bathroom with one sink but long for his and her faucets, that will require additional plumbing work. In order to ensure that the project meets codes and you don’t run into issues later if you decide to sell your home, you’ll need a permit.

Summing Up Bathroom Remodel Permits

Many home renovations require proper approval and inspection. Still, a dream bathroom remodel is worth the extra work. If you want a truly hassle-free bathroom renovation, go with an experienced company that is familiar with this process.

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