The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. When you want an update, take the time to choose colors or themes that showcase your style. The bathroom remodeling options are endless, and here are 19 bathroom design ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

  1. A Private Spa: Jetted tubs, a steam shower, dimmable lighting, and a Bluetooth-enabled exhaust fan to pipe in your favorite relaxing music to turn an ordinary bathroom into an in-home spa.
  2. An Italian Retreat: Bold, Italian tile and bright colors are one option for an Italian-style bathroom. You could also go the rustic route and opt for natural wood, terracotta, and fixtures with an antique feel.
  3. Kid-Friendly Space: Primary colors, kid-sized toilets and sinks, lower towel bars, and nooks in the wall to stash bath toys are a great start towards creating a kid-friendly bathroom.
  4. Bright and Bold: Do you love bright colors? Use your favorite colors liberally to create a fun and visually interesting space.
  5. Minimalistic: Use simple lines and don’t clutter up the space with accessories and décor items. Keep things out of sight and tidy to maintain a minimalistic look.
  6. Bright and White: Make a small space feel larger with white features and lots of lighting. If you want to add a pop of color, you can do so with a few accessories.
  7. Nod to Wildlife: Want a bathroom with a lodge feel? Choose wildlife-themed accessories, rustic wood, and mountain-inspired artwork for a charming bathroom with a focus on wildlife.
  8. Shabby Chic: Ruffled curtains, vintage-inspired lighting fixtures and mirrors, and a free-standing tub are features that look great in a shabby chic bathroom.
  9. Ocean Wave: Choose colors reminiscent of the sand and sea and look for tiles with a wave pattern, so you’ll be reminded of your last trip to the beach every time you enter your bathroom.
  10. Industrial: While industrial bathrooms typically focus on the utilitarian, there is still plenty of room for stylistic touches, such as a basin sink, exposed brick, or the use of concrete.
  11. Girly Girl’s Dream: Think pink! Whether you go all-in with a pink tub and sink or just add in pink hues with accessories, your girly girl will love it!
  12. Country: While not as popular as it once was, many people still love the country look, and it can be achieved by using quaint wallpapers, farm-style accessories, and aged brass or copper fixtures
  13. Black & White: Black and white bathrooms are an excellent choice for homeowners who like to change the look of their space. When you stick with black and white tile, you can easily change things up by just painting the walls or swapping out bathmats and artwork.
  14. Ultra-Modern: High-gloss vanity and shelving, lots of glass, and design choices that make the space feel larger are ways to achieve an ultra-modern look.
  15. Scandinavian: The Scandinavian style continues to grow in popularity. The look features neutral colors, minimalistic fixtures, and an interesting focal point, such as a freestanding tub.
  16. Mid-Century Modern: Clean lines, geometric shapes, and lighting fixtures reminiscent of the ’50s are ideal for an MCM bathroom.
  17. Farmhouse: Wood floors, wood ceiling beams, shiplap, and antique-style fixtures add farmhouse charm to your bathroom.
  18. Rustic: Distressed wood vanity and rustic lighting fixtures are great focal points in this style bathroom.
  19. Eclectic: Can’t decide which look is right for you? Mix things up a bit by choosing a few details from different styles.

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