Bathroom Remodeling

As environmental concerns and sustainability campaigns have become more prevalent, many homeowners are looking for ways to increase the eco-friendliness of their living spaces. From kitchen appliances to lighting timers, there are a number of small and large options to make your home more eco-conscious. While bathrooms are typically some of the smallest rooms in your home, they can still have a huge impact on your energy and water usage. Our skilled bath contractors offer some helpful tips for creating an eco-friendly bathroom and reducing your monthly utility bills.

Upgrade Your Shower Head

Newer shower heads often come with a number of water-saving features. If you have older fixtures, switching out your shower head for an updated model can boost the eco-friendliness of your daily bath. Aerating shower heads mix water with air to reduce overall usage. Other models reduce the flow rate, pulsate the water, or regulate the flow from the shower hose in order to cut down on water waste.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Lighting

One fast and simple way to increase the efficiency and eco-friendliness of your space is by switching out old incandescent lightbulbs for new LEDs or compact fluorescents. While these lightbulbs cost more, they last longer and use less energy. Ultimately, the initial investment will pay for itself!

What’s more, new lighting options can improve your morning routine. Mirrors with LED lighting borders create a bright, illuminated view for shaving or makeup application.

Set a Timer for Your Extractor Fan

While your extractor fan is essential for pulling moisture out of your bathroom, it can also use up a lot of energy. Many people often turn on their fan and then forget about it, leaving it on for much longer than is actually necessary. If this happens to you, it may be worth your while to look into newer fan models that include overrun timers. With this helpful feature, you can create the perfect balance between conserving energy and preventing mildew growth in your bathroom!

Update Your Bathroom with a Remodel

When your outdated bathroom isn’t living up to your eco-friendly goals or your design ideals, it may be time for a bath remodel! If you’re worried about the time and expense of a renovation, there are experienced bathroom contractors on the market who can complete a bath makeover in a matter of days.

Not only will these professionals enhance the energy efficiency of your bath, they’ll also deliver a stylish, functional refresh for your space. Today’s bath products are designed with mold and mildew-resistant surfaces that will last for decades.

Get Started on an Eco-Friendly Bath Remodel with Our Expert Team

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