Tub To Shower Conversions

Are you preparing for a bathroom remodel? There are endless upgrades you can make to improve the overall look, feel, and performance of your space—from cabinetry to your actual bath systems. One of these convenient projects is a tub-to-shower conversion.

Traditional bathtubs have their perks, but many homeowners lose their need for them over the years. If you’re considering a bath conversion, the first question you need to ask yourself is: have you outgrown your tub?

To figure out the answer, you should ask these 3 things before committing to your remodeling project:

Who Uses My Bathrooms?

While your tub may be taking up extra room in your bathroom, it’s a great addition for households with small children. If your kids are still young, bath time will be a lot easier with your traditional tub.

On the other end of the spectrum, these bathtubs can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for older adults—especially those with mobility issues. As silly as it sounds, bathtubs can actually become hazardous due to their combination of high entry barriers and slippery flooring.

If your household is a kid-free zone, make the switch to a safe and comfortable walk-in shower. On top of having a low-barrier entrance, you can also customize your shower with ADA-compliant grab bars, handheld shower heads, built-in seating, and more!

How Many Bathtubs Are in My Home?

Many bath remodelers will tell you to keep your bathtub if it’s the only on in your house. The logic behind the recommendation is pretty simple: people always want options. Even if you’re dead set on ditching your tub, make sure you step back and think beyond the now.

If you have multiple full bathrooms in your house, opting for a tub-to-shower conversion will probably be a bit easier. You can move through your remodel and know that you still have a perfectly good freestanding tubupstairs in case you’re every craving a relaxing bath after a long day.

Am I Planning to Sell My House in the Future?

Having multiple bathing options goes beyond your preferences, too. If you ever plan to sell, having a shower and a bathtub can positively affect your home’s resale value. It’s important to be able to offer as many options to your buyers as possible, so you can get the most out of your home until the very end.

If you’re not planning to sell in the future, then bounce those first two questions around in your head before you commit to your project. 

Plan Your Perfect Bath Conversion 

A tub-to-shower conversion can be a great investment that modernizes your bathroom and frees up extra floor space, too. However, it’s not for everyone, so make sure you really think about your goals and needs before you dive in.

While we’re on the subject, bath conversions go the other way, too. Whether you have a baby on the way, or you simply miss relaxing soaks in the bath, you can make the switch from shower to tub, too.

If you simply can’t decide between a shower or a bathtub… Choose both!

You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a convenient tub-shower combo. That way, you’ll have a bathing experience that suits all your moods.

When it comes to planning your remodel, the team behind you can make or break the entire process. At Genie Bath Systems, we’re dedicated to making your dreams come true in as little as one day. Take advantage of free design consultations, flexible financing options, lifetime warranties, and more on your upcoming bathroom conversion. Give us a call or fill out our simple online form to get started today!