shutterstock_136162238This new year promises to be a great one for trendy home bathroom designs. Whether you want to renovate your existing bathroom or construct a new one, you need new bathroom designs to get you started.   You can make 2018 a worthy year for yourself and your family by renovating or remodeling your bathroom to meet global standards. Your bathroom is often a reflection of your personal tastes and standards. That is why more thoughts should go into redesigning it.  5 Bathroom Design Trends to Make Your Loo More Like You  If you need trendy bathroom designs for 2018, the following upcoming designs should prove a tremendous help:  1. High-Tech Smart Toilets  There are smartphones, smartwatches, smart wrist wears and even smart cars. Why can’t there be smart toilets that are as high tech as the other listed items?   Expect some of the following features in the 2018 high-tech smart toilet market: 
  • Seat warmers 
  • Automatic lid openers 
  • Slow close features 
  • Adjustable air dryers 
  • In-built deodorizers 
  • Wireless music players 
  2. Vanity Lighting Schemes  If you think you’ve seen it all with aesthetic bathroom lighting, then wait as this year gets underway to witness astonishing vanity bathroom lighting. You will see the interaction of lighting schemes with bathroom mirrors and the way they impact on you.   Creative lighting fixtures in moderately large bathrooms create a luxurious feeling that defines your style. Add light bars and wall sconces to an existing chandelier situated close to your whirlpool tub and you’d witness a bathroom aesthetic that’s too heavenly to be true.  3. Underfloor Heating Systems for Master Bathroom Designs  If you come across an international master bathroom design, then you can expect to find underfloor heating systems. When winter rages outside, your underfloor heating system will warm up your bathroom floor and make it a delight to walk on when it’s cold.  Regardless of whether your flooring is made of tile, concrete, vinyl or wood, your bathroom floor can be significantly warmer when temperatures drop outside. Floor heating will make your bathroom much comfier and soothing to walk in and a delight to use for toiletry purposes.  4. Relatively Unseen Tile Shapes  There are tons of tile shapes, sizes and colors on the market. But wait to until mid-2018 to witness real ingenuity with floor and wall tiles. You are sure to see ancient flooring tiles as well as newer designs hitting the market.   Some bathroom tile shapes and sizes you can look forward to seeing in 2018 include: 
  • Hexagon  
  • Arabesque 
  • Diamond 
  • Moroccan fish scales 
  • Chevron  
These floor tiles will also come in various colors and textures to give your bathroom that imperial status you’d always envied your upscale friends for having in the homes.   5. Smaller Bathrooms with Efficient, Small-Scale Luxury  Homes with smaller bathrooms will trend this year. The bathrooms to come across in 2018 will be smaller in size compared to those of yonder years. But with more efficient use of space and interior designs.   Forget what you see in glossy magazines. The bathrooms of 2018 may be smaller, but artfully designed with unique interior fixtures to blow the mind away. Some of these fixtures may include: 
  • Aesthetic toilet designs 
  • Unusual sinks 
  • Smaller walk-in tubs 
  • Unique cabinets for storage 
  • Wireless music technology for streaming favorite songs  
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