shutterstock_564982699There’s nothing like the chill of a Texas winter. Taking a shower or bath can be a task, stepping onto the cold floor and getting out into the freezing air. Wouldn’t be nice if your bathroom could be a bit warmer?   We have five cool tips for warming up your bathroom this winter, so bath time is much more enjoyable.   1. Replace Your Shower Head  Want a hotter shower experience? Then, why not replace that small shower head with all the clogged-up holes? Install a new shower that’s more all-encompassing. If you’re on a budget, a rainfall shower head will give you the experience you want without having to deal with plumbing.   2. Get Warmer Light Bulbs  Ever heard of heat light bulbs? You can find these handy gadgets at your local San Antonio hardware store. They are perfect for heating up small areas. Buy a couple of lamps and strategically place them throughout your bathroom.  3. Use Heated Towel Racks & Rods  Getting out of the shower or tub in the winter is like stepping out into the snow. The transition would be much simply if you stepped out to warmed up towels. Heated towel rods and racks can be hard-wired in your bathroom, or simply plugged into a socket. They even have free-standing versions to heat up your towels.  4. Install Heated Flooring  If you’re already planning to remodel your bathroom this winter, heated flooring is the wave of the future. This new trend in bathroom flooring is the way to go for anyone thinking about re-tiling. Initially, this is a bit pricey for a bathroom overhaul.   But, as a San Antonio resident, you will appreciate the heat radiated from your floor in the mornings, middle of the night and when getting in and out of the shower or tub. Heated flooring is a cool idea for warming up your bathroom this winter.  5. Replace Your Surrounding Bathtub & Shower Walls  Has it been a while since you’ve remodeled your bathroom? Take a look at your tub and shower’s surrounding walls. If you see cracks, chips and missing tile, chances are, cold air is seeping in throughout the winter.   Genie Bath Systems of San Antonio will replace your shower wall surrounds to make your bathroom much warmer this winter season. This will also make it look amazing. Call Genie Bath Systems at 210-504-2950 to schedule an in-home consultation today.