shutterstock_97692536What is KBIS? It’s the largest trade show in the US that features premier bathroom styles, designs, colors, finishes, trends and technology. Here, industry leaders gather together to share what’s new, hot and upcoming in bathrooms.   The show is sponsored by the non-profit National Kitchen & Bath Association (KBIS). This fantastic bath show is the go-to place for getting inside scoops, in real-time, from vendors and manufacturers. And, we have the scoop on what’s ahead in bathroom trends for 2018.  4 Bathroom Trends You Must Jump On for 2018  Is 2018 your year for remodeling your bathroom? Interested in being unique, yet a bit on the trendy side? Well, we have the scoop straight from the bathroom experts from KBIS on what will be trending for bathrooms after the holidays are over. Here are four bathroom trends you won’t want to miss:  1. Granite is a thing of the past.  Already been out window shopping for bathroom counter tops? Well, you may find that granite is much more affordable these days. That’s because quartz is what’s in now! It comes with numerous finish options, and is incredibly durable. Plus, it gives your loo a much fresher look than that old granite of the 90s.  2. Brass has made its return.  Can you believe it? Brass is back… again! Now, if you’re into the classic look for your bathroom, satin and chrome are still the supreme metals. Want a little sparkle, but not too much? Rose gold will still be trending in 2018. But, if you crave amazing sparkle from your bathroom fixtures, go with shiny brass.  3. Stone sinks are the new hot topic.  The KBIS trade show featured some of the most artfully-crafted, hand-carved stone sinks ever. And, everyone was buzzing about them. If the classic style suits you for your bathroom, traditional porcelain is here to stay. But, stone sinks are what’s trending now.   4. Color, color and more color.  For 2018, bathroom color trends will be just that… colorful. KBIS vendors and manufacturers featured displays with color everywhere… on faucets, appliances, sinks and cabinets. And, at the top of the chart of trending colors were the almighty blue hues. Yes, navy and all other shades of blue stole the show.  2018 Bathroom Trends: Walk-In Showers & Tubs  Another set of hot bathroom trends that will leap right into 2018 are walk-in bathtubs and showers. Many people turn to these solutions for elderly people and those with mobility issues. They make showering and bathing safe.  Genie Bath Systems has the best solutions for your San Antonio bathroom. Spruce up your bathroom for the new year with a new walk-in shower or tub. Click here to schedule a free consultation for making bathing safe in your San Antonio home.