shutterstock_508203529Here we are again... the Holidays are here. It’s a time for parties, food, out-of-town visitors, family and friends, and kids home from college for Winter Break. If you plan on doing any hosting during Christmastime, your bathroom will get a lot of traffic. Why not make it a festive room to visit for your holiday guests.  4 Tips for Creating a Festive Bathroom for the Holidays  Your bathroom deserves to look as cheerful as the rest of your home during season greetings. All it takes is a few Christmas décor touches to do the trick And, these four tips are quite affordable. You can even turn them into DIY holiday decorations project for you and your family:  1. Festive Bathroom Shower Curtains  You don’t have to change your shower curtain to create a holiday theme in your bathroom. Instead, simply hang tree ornaments along the rings of the shower curtain to make them pop with color. Use one color to create a simple look, or different colors and styles for something more eye-popping.  2. Bathroom Christmas Wreaths  Wreaths have a way of giving any room a Christmas-y feel. If your bathroom décor is traditional and simple, choose color palettes that match that style. For a more modern bathroom, silver is in! Hang a couple of abstract wreaths that match your holiday mood.  3. Add Red, Green & Black to Your Bathroom  If you can stand to let go of your awesome bathroom décor for a month, why not change the entire color scheme? Add red, green and black towels, toilet paper ribbons, shower curtain, etc… Give it a few extra holiday touches, such as a snowman, Santa and other festive items. You can also put red and green Christmas tree ornaments inside flutes or glass vases for that added special touch.  4. Holiday Garlands for Bathroom Mirror  Installing some festive-looking garlands around your bathroom mirror will really set your holiday décor off. This allows you to add a pop of holiday pizazz, without using up valuable floor or counter space. You can even add holiday-themed glass-friendly stickers for a fun look. Or, turn this into a DIY project for the kids, and let them create festive drawings on your bathroom wall using erasable markers!  Get a New Tub Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive  Do you need a new bathtub for your San Antonio home quick… before your guests start arriving for the holiday season? Are you on a tight budget and just can’t afford it right now?  Well, a Replacement Tub from Genie Bath Systems is a much more affordable option. And, it can be installed in your San Antonio bathroom in just a matter of days!   Call Genie Bath Systems at (210) 504-2950. Or, click here to schedule a free in-home consultation.