hpbath2Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and sitting down to one of the most amazing dinners of the year. If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, or simply having a few people over for the holidays, your bathroom needs to be prepped ahead of time for your guests.

7 Tips to Prep Your Bathroom for the Thanksgiving Holidays

Check out the seven bathroom prep tips below to help you clean and equip your bathroom, so it’s welcoming when your Thanksgiving Day guests arrive:

1. Start with a Clean Bathroom

Before addressing anything in your bathroom, first clean it… from corner to corner. Clean the mirrors and the floor. If you do not have the time, or if it is too much work, you have the option of hiring someone to help you do it or do it for you in general. Call up that teen in your life for help. There’s no doubt she/he could use some extra cash for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

2. Discard Your Old Shower Curtains

Use the Thanksgiving holiday as an excuse to do away with your old and gross shower curtains and shower liners. Replace them with new ones. For that added special touch, make sure yours carries an autumn theme for a more festive look.

3. Stock Up on The Bathroom Essentials

Stock up on the utilities your guests may need when visiting you over the holidays. Some of them are: • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Razors • Eye contact solution • Toilet paper • Shampoo • Conditioner • Shower gel • Bubble bath

4. Include the Necessary Extras

Make your visitors feel that they are on a mini-vacation when they visit your home for Thanksgiving. Include sea sponges and bath salts so your guests can truly enjoy their stay. They are not so expensive and will work the magic to making your guests feel right at home.

5. Add Some Light Reads

Stock your bathroom with some light reading materials for your guests to indulge in while sitting on the throne. Have a diverse group of books and magazines just in case someone wants to read while taking a nice, hot bath.

6. Purchase Some Simple Meds

Most of us indulge a little a too much over the holidays… from too much alcohol to too much food. Equip your bathroom with a few helpful over-the-counter meds that your guests may need, such as: • Antacids • Aspirin • Ibuprofen • Benadryl

7. Add a Fresh, Holiday Touch to Your Bathroom

Bring your bathroom to life by placing a vase of fresh flowers on the vanity. It adds a pleasing, subtle aroma, while giving your guests the feel of being guests in a luxury hotel. And, for that extra special feel, make sure to add autumn flowers and colors to represent Thanksgiving. Is it time to upgrade your San Antonio bathroom with a new bath system? Your local San Antonio bath experts at Genie Bath systems will customize a bath tub or shower just for you. Contact them for a free in-home consultation today.