shutterstock_729707755There is a ton of positive energy and excitement in the air during autumn. The air is breezy and there are so many beautiful scents, sights and sounds to experience. You can turn your bathroom into an autumn-inspired paradise, which splashes of color that makes your loo pop.

4 Tips for Creating an Autumn-Inspired, Colorful Bathroom

Here are some tips that will help you create a colorful, eye-popping bathroom with an autumn-inspired theme:

1. Add a Fall Towel Color Theme

The typical fall colors are: • Orange • Magenta • Yellow • Deep brown Use these autumn colors for your bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths throughout your bathroom. This could work for your shower curtains as well. You could opt to use plain colors, or go with a colorful striped or checkered pattern featuring awesome fall colors.

2. Use a Colorful Floor Mat for Your Bathroom

Adding a decorative floor mat to your bathroom goes a long way in adding fall décor and color to your bathroom. A well-kept area rug sets the trend for the rest of the room’s design. Find a rug with the fall theme to infuse the season’s colors into your bathroom décor. For example, it could have an intricate autumn pattern or a cornucopia bursting with fall vegetables.

3. Remember the Fall Bathroom Scents With the right aroma, all the other fall decorations come together to create an autumn themed bathroom all your own. For an energizing scent, go with cinnamon or pumpkin spice candles or an automatic sprayer. To have a more relaxing scent, go with a pine air freshener.

4. Create a Cone Pine Mirror

Pine cones mostly fall from the pine trees in autumn season. Get some of these beautiful pine cones and find a round mirror that has a golden-tinted frame. Use a hot glue gun to stick them to the frame of the mirror. They can be removed when you want to redecorate the mirror, and perhaps recreate the next season’s theme. For an even more personalized bathroom, how about a new bath system for your San Antonio home? Contact your local San Antonio bath systems experts at Genie Bath Systems for a free in-home consultation today.