Alexis White ColorWalk-in tubs are very convenient for a number of reasons. Whether you have problems being able to move around, are an elderly person, or prefer a more relaxing bathing experience, a walk-in tub is a great addition to your home.

Walk-in tubs add more than a spa-like experience they also encourage a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life for people of all ages.

Here’s some of what you need to know to select the perfect walk-in tub for your home.

Walk-in Tub Basic Features

Slips and falls frequently happen in the tub or shower. Several incidents like this occur in bathrooms every single year, and even more so with seniors.

Walk-in tubs are an easy way to ensure your bathrooms are much safer without compromising space and size.

Features That Make Walk-In Tubs Safer Locking Door.  Tubs come equipped with a watertight door that will either swing inward or outward and are very easy to shut. Step. Step ups are perfectly positioned between 3-7 inches so that you don’t have to worry about balance and lifting your legs too high. Built-in chair.  These chairs make it easy for you to get cozy while reducing any chances of slipping and falling. Hand-held shower head. If you want to sit down while bathing and be able to completely cleanse your body with ease, this is a lifesaver. Larger tub.  With a walk-in tub, you get the luxury of a spa in your bathroom. These tubs are about two and a half feet which is deeper than traditional tubs. Types of Walk-in Tubs

Below are the main types of walk-in tubs you can choose from:

Whirlpool Walk-in Tubs

A whirlpool tub is much like a hot tub with jets that make small champagne like bubbles. These tubs also have heaters within them to keep the bather nice and warm. Whirlpool tubs are one of the best choices for reducing muscle pain and beneficial for people with arthritis.

Soaker Walk-in Tubs

Soaker tubs are one of the simpler types and focus on safety. This tub includes handrails, slip-resistant floors, and a built-in seat. The drains release water quickly so you will be able to get out faster.  

Hydrotherapy and Aerotherapy Walk-in Tubs

This type of walk-in tub has moist, warm air that is great for treating respiratory problems. When used frequently, your sinuses are bound to improve. The hot water is perfect for releasing muscle tension. And, the air jets massage the circulatory and immune systems.

Bariatric Walk-in Tubs

If having a wider tub is important due to your weight and size, bariatric tubs are right for you. They generally work for just about anyone, regardless of size, supporting up to 600 pounds. These tubs come with low steps, textured floors and grab bars.

Combination Walk-in Tubs

If you want both a tub and shower all-in-one, then this is your best bet. Some showers have a hand-held wand that is placed on a holder when you are finished with it. You also have the option of permanent shower heads that are fixed in place.

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Tubs

These tubs are specially designed with huge doors with easy access to the built-in chair. This walk-in tub is designed so you can move from wheelchair to the built-in seat with ease. The tub is about 60 inches in length, 30 inches wide and 65 gallons in depth.

Walk-in tubs come in a variety of options, but you can also customize your own tub to your liking. Check out the walk-in tub options available from your local San Antonio, Texas hydrotherapy tub installers at Genie Bath Systems today!