shutterstock_278320145Children often struggle with being able to reach sinks and get into the tub. So, it makes sense that a thoughtful parent might consider a San Antonio bathroom remodel; but, this is not necessary. If you have the budget for a bathroom remodel just for the kids, then this could be a good option. However, it is often best to consider your resale value and design for adults, then purchase after-market features that are suitable for small children.

Here are some ways to create a sleek kid-friendly bathroom design that is perfect for both children and adults.

Kid-proof Countertop

Choose countertops that are stain and scratch resistant. To prevent issues with kids spilling things on the counters, use quartz instead. Quartz is stain-resistant and looks beautiful.

Standard Sized Toilet

A child-sized toilet is only good for the very young. Once they grow older or if you have an adult guest, this will not be convenient. At the same time, an adult sized toilet doesn’t work well for small children; therefore, your best bet is to get a standard-sized toilet then add a step stool next to it so the kids can reach it. You can also install a child sized seat over a standard toilet if it will primarily be used by young children.

A Tall Vanity Works Just Fine

We recommend sticking with a vanity that exceeds the standard size. Since we know kids are always growing, at some point, they will need a taller vanity. In the meantime, use a stool that you can put away in a cabinet when the kids are not using it.

Fixtures for All Ages

Designing your bath or shower using a shower bar with an adjustable showerhead, will work well for children. You can change the shower head to fit your kids needs as well as for adults. If you have toddlers, the handheld sprayer is perfect for bathing them.

Make Sure They Don’t Get Burned

Children can easily burn themselves using hot water while washing their hands and bathing. Therefore, installing anti-scald devices on the showerheads and faucets is important. This device will limit how much hot water flows and the temperature.

Store Toys and Personal Items in the Bathroom

It is a good idea to have a place to store kid’s toys and personal items. You can add baskets and child accessible drawers for this purpose. Also keep in mind that when children have their own designated drawer for their personal belongings, it gives them a sense of pride.

Paint Changes the Vibe

Appeal to your child’s character by painting the bathroom a color they love and add kid-friendly accessories. Neutral colors are perfect for the tile and cabinetry, while brighter palettes can be used for paint and accessories. Paint is one of the best ways to liven up your bathroom, and it is easy to change if you decide you want something different.