shutterstock_420206308These days, most of the modern bathrooms in our homes are small. Therefore, finding enough storage space can be tricky. Even though a bathroom is a small space, there are many things you need to keep there, such as toilet paper, makeup, hairbrushes, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more.

The problem many people have is finding adequate space to store all these items in their bathrooms. If you’ve realized yours is becoming untidy because of too much clutter, it’s time to find ways of creating extra space, or utilizing the space you already have.

7 Bathroom Shelving Tips for Organization, Comfort, and Style

Use these seven tips to help you add shelving to your bathroom, to transform it into an organized sanctuary:

1. Install a Shelf above the Sink

Adding a shelf above your bathroom sink is a smart and creative way of adding extra storage and/or displace space in your bathroom. Use this space to keep items that you use on a daily basis.

2. Use the Space above the Toilet

Don’t forget the space above your toilet. It’s an ideal place to install either a cabinet or some shelves. You can also hang a basket and put some of your personal toiletries there. A lot of people fail to realize this, but the space above the toilet is always adequate for keeping things you want to access easily in the bathroom.

3. Use Hanging Wall Racks

Hanging racks on a wall is an excellent way to create extra space in your bathroom. You can store your makeup and other important items in a place where they can be easily accessed. This is a nice place to store everyday items.

4. Back of the Bathroom Door

You can actually use the space on the back of your bathroom door to store items. One way to maximize space is to hang your towels behind the door, or even your family’s bathrobes.

5. Put a Shelf above the Door

If you have a tiny bathroom, the space above your door can be of great use. You can mount a shelf above your door and store all kinds of things there. The advantage of an above-the-door shelf is it will allow you to safely store a couple of bathroom items, out of the way. You can also use this space to hang your flat iron, curling iron, and hair dryer, so you find it easily.

6. Put Drawers Inside Cabinets

If you’re lucky enough to have bathroom cabinets, having drawers installed within the cabinets will significantly add the amount of storage space in your bathroom. This is cool because you can store many more items. Plus, you can allocate spaces for certain things, which always helps your bathroom stay organized.

7. Use Spaces under the Bathroom Sink

You can create extra storage space under your bathroom sink. Simply install a small shelf or rack under the sink for storing small items. Since the space might not be so big, you will be restricted to storing only a few smaller items, which is better than nothing.

Have you been thinking of ways to increase your bathroom storage space? The seven bathroom shelving tips above will help you maximize the space in your bathroom, to store more items.

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