shutterstock_107892503Bathroom décor is steadily changing with new innovative ideas emerging every year. Technology plays a huge role in how we decide what we do and do not want in our bathrooms. This article will discuss bathroom trends and enhancements. Keep It Eco-friendly

People are switching to a eco-friendlier way of living more and more -- don’t expect this trend to end anytime soon. Bathrooms are being upgraded to accommodate this lifestyle.  Designers are getting creative using various forms of rocks for flooring, and you can even buy ecological sound flooring created using restored tiles and wood.

Advanced Technology


With technology’s recent improvements we can now have state-of-the-art bathroom experiences! One great example of this is a flat screen TV that can be placed conveniently in the mirror to keep you updated with the news or your favorite shows.


Curves Are Better


It may be time to do away with the typical ways of doing things and try adding more curves to your bathroom design. If you have ever slammed into one of those sharp countertop corners, you may appreciate round surfaces for once. Why not step outside the box with an egg-shaped bathtub? You can also consider switching out your sinks with round bathroom bowls for a more modern appeal.


There are toilets that hide the plumbing, making the toilet look as if it were a naturally occurring feature. They make for an excellent update to any bathroom.


A Bathroom Retreat


It used to be that most people only used the bathroom for the typical things like washing their hair and brushing their teeth. Now you can do these same things but with added benefits that can be hard to resist. Make your bathroom experience therapeutic with showers that provide color therapy, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy.


You can’t go wrong with a refrigerated vanity compartment that houses delicious drinks to enjoy while having a relaxing bath after a long day at work. Heated towels could be ready for you as soon as you step out of the tub -- this can be especially luxurious during the cold winter months. And why not add in stereo surround sound to enjoy as well?

Glass in Your Bath


Adding glass to your bathroom can add more flair and can really brighten up the space. You can find old glass tiles throughout the bathroom and opaque glass on the cabinet doors. Venetian glass light fixtures, love glass mosaic tiles and translucent glass sinks are all a stylish edition to spruce up your bathroom design.


Here are some additional features you can expect to see more of:

What to Look Out for In Future Bathroom Upgrades
  1. Phones near the toilet for convenient ways to communicate with the outside world.
  2. More spa options such as body sprays, air tubs, Japanese soaking tubs, and steam rooms.
  3. Open showers that make it feel like it is one with the room.
  4. Heated tubs so the water stays warm.
  5. Bathrooms with a warm, cozy feeling thanks to added fireplaces and upgraded light fixtures such as chandeliers.
  6. Shower benches, higher toilets, wall toilets, walk-in showers and more, plus stylish grab bars in the shower that offer a step up from the usual stainless steel.