shutterstock_295108769Things are changing in the world of bathroom décor!

Bathrooms are now being spruced up, and things are getting more creative. Dull, plain bathrooms are now becoming a thing of the past as people are beginning to add more color and glamour to this space.

You may notice that people are keeping the white, clean look, however, they are adding a nice pop of color.

For quite some time, bathrooms have been painted flat shades like beige and cream due to their ability to blend well with everything and last a lot longer. Now, all of this is changing. Why not spice up the one place you spend time getting ready for the day and caring for your body?

Think a little fun with color is nice, but are you not willing to take a more daring approach? Give it a try! Most people will agree that a little color can influence the feel of the energy in a home and the way a person feels. Depending on the color you choose, you can create something that is Zen, romantic or energetic.

When it comes to décor, there is something for everyone and picking shades of color that create the right atmosphere is important. There are always new shades being introduced, so your options are never limited.

To color or not to color.

If you enjoy constantly changing your environment, you don’t always have to pick a new color for the bathroom, instead swap out the rugs and towels for a different color. Try switching up the fixtures.

For the spring, play around with different shades of lavender or a unique hue of blue. In the summertime, cool shades of yellow or pink will work well. As fall approaches start looking into the various shades of brown, gold tones and orange. A nice deep red will make your bathroom look nice during the winter months.

But maybe you are not all too excited about bright colors in your bathroom and really just like to keep simple. Don’t fret, you don’t have to go all out with colors in order to make this space more interesting. You can simply start off with a little splash of change here and there.

Try upgrading your fixtures to something with a more elegant, cool shape or even adding nice enamel faucets for more character.

Whatever you do, never pick a color that does not reflect your personal style and personality. The colors you choose for your bathroom should be no different than how you choose your wardrobe or other parts of your home. Pick something that enhances you in every way.