Stylish Bathroom TileBathroom tile is easy to find and gets plenty of daily use, so why not take things up a notch when it comes to your tile design?

There are actually a couple of things you can do with tiles that will make a world of a difference in your bathroom. Below are a few good ideas that can help you achieve a new, trendy bathroom tile look that you love!

Who doesn’t love marble!

If the idea of having marble designs around the house tickles your fancy, then it is time to make this your new addition to the bathroom. Marble tiles add a touch of elegance.

Mix it up and place different size marble tiles on the floors or even around the bathroom window if you have one.

Tap into your inner artist

There are creative ways to work with tiles so don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines, so to speak. Basically, think of any and every space in the bathroom as a way to decorate with tiles. Walls, mirrors, and doors can all be used as a part of the design.

Different shapes, colors, and sizes

Try using small and large sized tiles, as well as experimenting with various colors to make the bathroom livelier and add a unique flare!

Focal walls look great

Use shower tiles to as a form of beautiful décor. Choose one wall in the shower, preferably the ones where the fixtures are. To make it really stand out, you can keep this look going by adding it to the bathroom floor right around the outside of the shower.

Different shades of tile

There is nothing wrong with mixing it up with two, maybe even three different shades of the same color glazed tile. You can really create some cool looks by doing this.

It’s all in the details

It is important to take note of the details with tiling because the wrong mistake could ruin everything. Pay very close attention to where the tile begins and ends. Worst case scenario is your measurements are off, and it appears the tiling will not end up neat, you can always try continuing the tile up the wall.

Keep it simple

Bring everything together with one simple look by only using one type of tile for your entire bathroom. Cut your tile to the size you like and use this to make your space feel more Zen and relaxing by putting tiling all the way up the wall.

Vertical tiling

To give your space the illusion of higher ceilings, lay your tiles vertically. Another option is using various tiles that are close to the same colors. This will not only make your bathroom look larger, but it will also enhance the overall appearance as well.