shutterstock_431174821Every bathroom has one – that weird space behind the toilet that seems inadequate for anything but displaying a coat of paint. As much as people don’t think that this space can be useful, there are plenty of ways to make it functional and fun. Turn That Wall into an Art Gallery

An empty wall can open the door to creating a bright and engaging art display that gives your bathroom flair. You can use one large art piece to bring all of your bathroom accents together or try a collage of images to create a visual that will engage any guest. Especially with children’s bathrooms, artwork gives something to look at while in the shower or bath. It can also help create a bathroom that is uniquely theirs.

Create a Message Station

Tired of writing messages on the medicine cabinet? A white board, memo board or chalk board behind the toilet is a perfect solution. A message station can be very useful. Use it to remind a teenager to take out the trash. Let your spouse know you have a late meeting and dinner is in the fridge. A message space cam make an obscure bathroom are the perfect communication tool for family organization and engagement.

When All Else Fails, Organize

A common staple for the space over the toilet is an organization or storage station. You can find shelving and cabinetry to go there, or you can come up with a unique storage solution that complements your personal style. Shelving can be installed to hold baskets for bathroom toiletries and tools. You can also use shelving to display decorations that give your bathroom a unique and defined look.  If you are interested in a permanent solution that adds style and value to your home, recessed shelving gives your bathroom more storage space in an elegant and constructive way.

Towels Can Add Flair

How can you add a personal touch of style without breaking the bank? A towel bar and some decorative towels can be just the ticket. Buy a towel bar, install it, and add some bath and hand towels purchased specifically for decoration. You can find a special design at a local department store or order specialty towels from popular websites like Etsy that are one of a kind. Since these are towels that will not be in use, you can go all out with picking designs that are beautiful and creative.

Hopefully, these creative ideas will spark some inspiration for the space behind your toilet. Fill it with something stylish and uniquely you.