DIY bathroom projectsMany projects can upgrade a bathroom into the room you want it to be at a variety of costs. There are alternatives, however, to going out and spending money on expensive upgrades and additions. Here are some do-it-yourself bathroom ideas to give your bathroom that extra shine you are looking for. Create a creative accessory

Many stores have creative accessories that can be utilized to personalize a bathroom. With some simple steps, you can create a one-of-a-kind accessory for your bathroom that can’t be bought at any store. For instance, you can take a simple wooden figurine that tickles your fancy, drill holes from top to bottom in it, and create a unique toothbrush holder. Use your creativity to create magic in your bathroom that is unique and you.

Paint, Paint, Paint

There are so many inexpensive and chic updates you can do to a bathroom with a little bit of paint and a whole lot of imagination. You can add pizzazz to a dull bathroom mirror by creating a pattern with painter’s tape and some spray paint. You can go to a local flea market and find a relic that you can revive to a bathroom side table with some spray paint and some time. A wall can be transformed into a work of art with some handy wall stencils and some elbow grease, or you can use vinyl appliques to accent a wall, or individual tiles break up a drab wall.

Even little things such as adding a little color or creating some eye-catching patterns can take a bathroom to the next level. Do you have a medicine cabinet that you want to give some additional function? Some chalkboard paint to the back of the medicine cabinet door can add a place to add organization or a place to doodle while finishing your morning skin regimen. Small accents make a difference

You can make a cool accent rug with some polyurethane rope and some masking tape that will add a little dash of flair. Have a mirror that screams “plain” and a love of all things nautical? You can add some rope edges to that mirror to give it some sea-legs.

Creative shelves and baskets

Creating a perfect rustic shelving unit in a bathroom can be as simple as adding pieces of a backyard branch to some store-bought shelves or pieces of board. Looking to add some organization to a bathroom that is 100% you? Purchase some wire mesh baskets, print out a stencil in your favorite font, and use it as a pattern o individualize a basket in your favorite script. Take a basic basket to bold with patterned sheets that accentuate your style.

The key to do-it-yourself bathroom projects is to let your creativity shine through in the project. You can take almost anything and add a personal flare that can provide a visual boost to a room. The key is to adopt a plan to accomplish your project, execute and enjoy!