shutterstock_304255124When people purchase homes, the idea is that everything will be exactly what they are looking for. As much as this would be ideal, there is normally at least one room that is not quite up to par. In an abundance of instances, it’s the bathroom. The taste of the person who designed the room that is supposed to the place to wash away your problems just doesn’t match yours. What can you do? There are a couple of simple solutions that you can take to transform an “ugly bathroom” into exactly what you need. Add a wooden accent wall

Whether painted or stained wood, a wooden accent wall can add character to a bathroom. Adding the texture difference of the wood can take a boring wall and make it pop. This is a great choice for any bathroom, but especially bathrooms with garden or Jacuzzi tubs.

Add some paint to the walls

An easy and cost efficient way to take a bathroom in the direction that you want to go is to add some paint to the walls in your favorite color. Repainting the walls in any room, including the bathroom can add that personal touch that homeowners are desperately seeking.

Stain the vanity

After a home purchase, many people don’t have the means to tear out a vanity and replace it with another. Staining the vanity can be a cost effective alternative to total replacement and can add pop to a bathroom that you consider drab. You can also add some flair to a bathroom by changing the fixtures to something more personal.

Frame the mirror

You don’t need to buy a new mirror to give it an upgrade. An inexpensive and fun way to upgrade a mirror is to purchase some trim and frame it! You can pick something that complements your personal style and choose to either paint, stain, or allow its natural state to shine. This is easy to do and adds a lot of value to the space.


Add some accessories

How easy would it be to hit your local Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond and add a soap dispenser or a tissue basket to your bathroom? Adding accessories can jazz up an ugly bathroom immediately! Adding some new, nonpermanent accessories to your bathroom like new towels, a shower curtain, basket, wall art, and accessories can give an instant style upgrade to the room.


Change the light fixtures

Most people think that installing new light fixtures is a daunting task, but it’s actually something that can be done easily and with relatively low cost. Look online for online tutorials on how you can change the light fixtures yourself. And if you’re not comfortable with the do it yourself aspect of the job, purchase what you like and have a contractor come in and finish the job!

Here are some tips to take your ugly bathroom from “ugh” to “wow!” By doing one or all of these things, you can transform the bathroom into your oasis of calm and a room that you truly love.