shutterstock_128666165 (1)Towel warmers are a great convenience and quite popular. However, there some things you need to know for safety purposes when using them.

Many things that can make towel warmers a bit of a hazard. Even if these problems are rare, it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep your family safe by paying close attention to the tips below.

Plug your power cords in completely

It is easy for power cords to get loose due to being unplugged and plugged in again, or you may accidentally step on the cord. When this happens, the cord could slip out of the socket a little which can be a fire hazard. To avoid this, be sure that your cords are plugged fully into the outlet.

Be careful with hot outlets

Check your outlets regularly to see if they feel warm, have steam coming out of them, or are smoking. If the faceplate appears to change shape due to heat, it is time to turn off all appliances immediately.  Then, you should throw the circuit breaker.

House fires often occur when you are unaware of things starting to heat up. So, stay on top of it by always touching your outlets and checking to see how they look.

Damage to the power cords

Your towel warmer power cords need to be inspected for any possible damage because rips and tears in cords can easily lead to problems, especially in a wet/moist environment. If your cord is damaged at all, replace it immediately.

Don’t overdo it

While there may not be many places for you to plug up your towel warmer, it is important to understand that overloading your outlets and even using additional power strips could be a hazard. Doing this overworks your electrical system and could lead to some serious problems. It is best to use a maximum of four appliances on one circuit at any given time.

Change broken outlet covers

Having outlet covers that are in good condition ensures that nothing gets into the outlet box. Therefore, it is important to check and see if they are damaged in any way. Something as simple as a small crack on an outlet cover can be the source of a major problem due to liquids and debris being able to get in there.

GFCI outlets are best for towel warmers

One thing very few people consider when getting towel warmers is the importance of grounding. GFCI outlets are the best way to do this. There is just way too much water in the bathroom to take any chances with a different type of outlet.

Let the experts handle it

One way to be sure that your family is safe when using towel warmers is to have a professional install them. They will know what to do to ensure your safety.  This  also means you have a lot less to worry about, and you may save yourself time and a headache in the long run.