shutterstock_221267875If you are building your own bathroom or are in the middle of making some renovations, your head is probably spinning with the amount of choices available. Every aspect of the new bathroom setup has a wide array of options, whether it’s the toilet, the bathtub, the sink, the light fixtures, the tiling, or the other furnishings. A shower head, though seemingly simple, is no exception.

So how on earth can you decide on the right shower head for you, if there are so many good options available? Luckily, there are several ways to distinguish which options will best suit your lifestyle and sense of aesthetics. It is also important to keep in mind that not all shower heads are created equal; there are, of course, your basic handheld or wall-mounted shower heads, but there are also a huge number of shower heads that will create a blissful oasis with their many settings and luxurious mechanisms. Let’s discuss the many shower head options so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Basic wall-mounted shower heads

This is the typical option for most people who are money conscious and just want something that is reliable and will work. Wall-mounted showerheads are easy to install, they are basic in style (which therefore will work with any bathroom), and you won’t need any extra plumbing to be installed for it to work. If you are really tight on cash, you can find a plastic one for as little as $2!

Basic handheld shower heads

If you prefer to shower with a handheld showerhead instead, you will be impressed with the simplicity of this option as well. The main difference between a handheld shower head and a wall-mounted shower head is that it includes a hose of varying lengths. This works best for people who are looking to use their shower head not only for taking showers themselves, but also for washing pets or children, or even making the cleaning and rinsing out of your shower that much easier. They usually have a wider setting range than a wall-mounted shower head, so the minimum price is accordingly higher at around $35 or more.

Top mount shower heads

Top mount shower heads are often a homeowner’s first step to luxury. Top mount shower heads are often referred to as “rain showers” because they are situated directly over your head, allowing the water to rain down on you from above. These shower heads provide a more luxurious, pampering experience, although they are often the more practical choice for showers that have lower ceilings. You can choose whether you want an expensive head with dozens of settings and programs, or a straight forward single-setting option, which start at about $500.

Multi-spray panels

Also known as body sprays, these expensive options are for the person who truly loves to shower and is willing to pay a hefty sum for the experience. They spray your body from horizontal positions in multiple locations within the walls, and they cost around $90 per unit (but multiple units are necessary).