shutterstock_327874802No one wants to walk into the bathroom only to immediately face nasty bathroom odor! Who wouldn’t prefer a fresh bathroom, especially when guests are over. Here are some simple ways to solve this common problem.
  1. Take care of the towels
Towels need to air out. When they do not air out properly, they will have an unpleasant odor. Keeps your towels separate so they can breathe and by all means do not hang them on the back of the bathroom door.

You can buy lovely racks with plenty of space to give each towel room to dry quickly.

  1. Air fresheners are your friend
With the abundance of air fresheners on the market, there is no reason to have a funky bathroom. You can even find some good odor neutralizing products that put a nice scent in the air. To make it even better, try one with a motion sensor made by brands such as Glade.

You can also find products that combine odor elimination while freshening the air with a pleasant fragrance. Put this close to the door and every time you enter the bathroom, it will spray a lovely scent into the space.

  1. Is anything leaking?
Seriously, you will be surprised how frequently leaks are the source of a smelly problem. When water lands on the floor and cabinets, you may find yourself in a stinky situation. It doesn’t hurt to investigate under your sink and behind the toilet as well, just in case your pipes need some improvement.
  1. Let your bathroom breathe
The quickest way to ensure the air is circulating properly in your bathroom is to let fresh air in by opening a window, turn the overhead fan on and keep the bathroom door open to allow fresh air in.

Doing this serves two purposes by clearing out stagnant air and keeping the temperature correct, so you do not end up with mold.

  1. A clean bathroom is less likely to stink
Sometimes cleaning a little more often is the solution to a stinky bathroom even if all you do is a quick touch up midway to your usual cleaning schedule. The shower can use some good air circulation, so it does not encourage mold. The toilet is often the smelliest place in the bathroom. An excellent product to tackle this job is Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel.
  1. Nice fresh bath towels
Bathrooms stay quite wet throughout the day which creates the perfect conditions for bad odors. Be diligent about washing washcloths and towels on a weekly basis, along with the shower curtains and any bathmats.

White vinegar is your friend if your towels are already smelling bad. Just add half a cup to hot water in the washer and for the next immediate washer cycle, use your detergent of choice using hot water only. Once this is complete, thoroughly dry the towels.

  1. Keep shower curtains closed
Once you are done washing those private places, close the shower curtains at least halfway. By doing this, you ensure the curtains dry quickly, and there is a small chance of having a mildew problem.
  1. Empty the trash
Empty trash cans on a regular basis and always use a plastic bag or liner of some sort to support a clean trash can.