shutterstock_79247401Are you in the market to remodel your bathroom? If it’s been awhile since you last ventured into the sink showroom area of your local home improvement store, be prepared to see lots of design changes.

There are a number of factors to be considered when picking your next kitchen sink, including different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Before you can select any of those, however, you first must select the type of mount you’re interested in, as it can significantly impact the overall look of your bathroom. Some of the different options include:

Wall Mount Sinks

To install this type of sink, identify a wall in your bathroom that is most capable of bearing the weight of a sink being affixed to it. Wall mount sinks are particularly effective at minimizing used space on both wall and floor, making them a favorable option for smaller bathrooms. They also are an excellent choice for wheelchair-bound persons, because this design lacks cabinets under the wash basin, allowing the handicapped person closer access to it.

Counter Mount Sinks

One of the most common types of sink mounting is counter-mounted sinks. It comes in two forms: above counter designs, and undermount designs.  The above counter (or vessel), basins are set atop the counters for a more striking, statement type look. Although attractive, these sinks can be quite difficult to clean, because of hard-to-reach angles.

Undermount sinks are installed where the sink’s basin falls into the cabinet underneath. Countertops of undermount sinks are particularly easy to clean using a squeegee because of the lack of a lip separating the counter from the basin.


Floor Mount or Freestanding Sinks

Another particularly useful choice for smaller bathrooms is a floor mount or freestanding sink. Pedestal sinks are comprised of a sink set atop a pedestal. While they are effective in getting one’s hands washed, they lack storage, which is necessary in a bathroom you will be brushing your teeth in, and doing other personal hygiene activities on a regular basis.

Console Sinks

Much like their floor mount counterparts, console sinks lack cabinetry or storage underneath. However, they are different from floor mounts in that they are mounted to the wall and supported by not one, but anywhere between two and four supporting legs.

Also different from their floor mount counterparts, although they don’t come with it, a console sink’s void space under its basin does allow space for a small storage shelf, which is perfect for storing toilet paper and cleaning products.

Vanity-Top Sinks

For those looking to take the stress out of matching an appropriate countertop with a cabinet bottom, vanity-top sinks create clean, seamless look for your bathroom. Although easy to clean, installing a piece like this carries with it an inability to just repair one aspect of it or another should it become damaged.

Now that you’ve learned more about the different types of sink mounts on the market, you can better assess what style best fits in the overall design you’re going for, and then move on to selecting a toilet, tub or shower that will complete the look you’re going for.