shutterstock_126826679Bathrooms can get downright nasty fairly quickly with clutter, dirt, and grime. We want to help you kick your bathroom back into shape, and make it a healthier space.

Cleaning up your bathroom does not take as much work as you might think. Just switch a few things around, tidy up and take a new approach to everyday bathroom care. Here are some awesome suggestions to get you on the right track.

  1. Out with the junk
Many women make the mistake of leaving their makeup on the bathroom counter, which actually encourages the entry of bacteria. This gives the bacteria ease of access to your face and eyes.  Your makeup must remain covered at all times.


Take time to wipe off bottles and containers, such as toothpaste and lotions. The less mess you have laying around your home, the more likely you are to keep a clean bathroom. Keep your products in cabinets and off the counters, if at all possible.


  1. Keep your toothbrush out in the open
When your toothbrush is closed up in a case or stuck in a space where there is little ventilation, it can easily breed bacteria. So, it is best to keep them on the counter, but make sure it is far from the toilet, so no nasty germs splash on it.

Another thing few people consider is the importance of replacing your toothbrush after someone has recovered from respiratory problems or diarrhea.


  1. Don’t forget the floors
Frequently wash your bathroom rugs. Give your bathroom floors a good scrub down with vinegar and water.

  1. Close the toilet lid

A simple way to reduce bacteria in your bathroom is to make sure everyone closes the lid when they flush.

  1. Clean nasty vents

Your vents are a housing unit for mold and bacteria, so once you flip on that switch, it quickly spreads this throughout the room. A good cleaning once per month is enough to keep things hygienic.


  1. Clean your tub
Showers hold moisture, and accumulate things from your skin as your wash. This situation is mold's best friend. With a good mix of vinegar and water, you can spray the tub and shower walls to reduce the chances of a moldy environment. And guess what? You do not even have to rinse it off.


  1. Take inventory of your medicine cabinet
There is no need to hold on to old medication that you don’t use. It is simply adding to the clutter. You can safely remove these items by contacting your local trash and recycling service for help disposing of old medication. Otherwise, you can always grind them down, combine with coffee grounds, put this in a plastic bag and throw it away.