spa bathroomBefore we jump into the “how,” let’s talk about the “what.” What does it mean to turn your bathroom into a spa? A spa is a place reserved for indulgence, pampering, and relaxation -- and that is what a spa-like personal bathroom is used for as well. Spa bathrooms are designed with one goal in mind: to create an oasis that helps you feel relaxed and at peace.

What things do you associate with a spa? Most likely aromatic candles, clean towels, and a refreshing drink come to mind. Whatever pops into your mind when you envision a spa can serve as your inspiration to create a spa-like bathroom in your own home. Keep reading for some specific ideas that will help you create your own personal spa at home.

Making scents

A calming aroma is of particular importance in a spa. Everyone has different preferences, so you need to decide which scent is your personal favorite. Candles, scented essential oils, aromatic facials, and bath salts all are useful accessories to transform your bathroom into a spa. If you use candles in your spa setup, it has the added benefit of helping soothe you visually as well as aromatically.

Beautify the bathroom

Every bathroom has its fair share of unattractive but necessary items -- try making things look better by using nice-looking containers, such as wicker baskets that are lined with linen, to store such items in. These additions can make your bathroom appear more organized and will also bring its theme or colors into one coherent style. Having clutter or mess will make things feel chaotic and even stressful, so make sure everything is tidy before enjoying your spa time.

Peaceful sounds

Music and sound effects can go a long way toward building a relaxing atmosphere. Bring in a CD player and some CDs, stored in wooden or wicker containers, to play some relaxing tunes such as acoustic music and nature-inspired sounds. Alternatively use your mp3 player or smartphone along with speakers to create a surround sound of peace and calm.

Fluffy additions

Don’t forget the importance of fluff: whether it’s extra-plush rugs or giant, fluffy towels, these soft details will make the perfect additions to your spa bathroom. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on a nice, big, soft towel -- it is one of the main features of any spa.

Tub trinkets

Use a few key accessories to equip your bathtub with everything you need to relax: bath bombs, bubble bath, exfoliant, and scented soap are all examples of what your shower might need. Store these in an elegant tub tray, such as one made out of wood, to keep things organized and have everything within arm’s reach.

Isolate it

One way to truly be able to shut out the world and take the time you need to relax is to isolate your bathtub somehow. Whether it’s an oversized shower curtain or a large potted plant separating your bathtub from the rest of the bathroom (and, therefore, the world), installing some sort of protective barrier will help you truly let go.