shutterstock_253496068Before you open up your toolbox and get to work fixing that thing in the bathroom that needs repair, take a moment to really think about it. Compare the amount of time, energy, and money it will require to the cost of simply hiring a contractor. The key question should be this: is it worth it? No one is doubting that you can fix the crack in your sink or the plumbing issues in your bath, but should you? Is it worth the time and effort, or is the risk simply too high and the project too challenging?

Time Commitment

When it comes to showers and baths, you really can’t afford to mess it up - they are necessary staples in your household, after all. You will need them to function properly. If your project is going to take weeks or months, consider how often you use the object you’re about to fix. Is it the main (or only) shower in your house? Have you ever repaired a shower before? If closing off the use of this appliance is going to have a serious effect on the quality of your life, you may want to reconsider. That is, unless you are willing to live without a shower for weeks on end.

If one thing’s for sure, definitely do not plan a huge DIY project on a timeframe that is not flexible. For instance, you will surely live to regret planning a dinner party at your house the day after you expect the DIY project to be finished. This can be negotiable if it’s in an extra bathroom. Your second or third bathroom that’s located upstairs or in the basement, etc. won’t be missed - but if it’s in your main bathroom, definitely do not have a strict deadline. The risk is simply too high, and Murphy’s Law will certainly haunt you. Genie Bath Systems can install your new bath or shower in one day!

Preparation and Experience

If you have never done a DIY project before, you will be surprised by the amount of preparation that is required to successfully pull off a project like this. Your level of experience will also come into play. Have you repaired an appliance or something else in your house before? Are you generally “handy?” Or are you planning on “learning on the job” and figuring it out as you go?

If you were thinking yes on that last question, you certainly aren’t going to want to try your luck at a bathroom DIY - not yet, anyway. That would be a recipe for disaster. It would be best to hire a contractor and save you the time, money, and struggle that would inevitably take place.


Many new DIY-ers don’t realize that doing a project yourself is not going to save them as much money as they might expect. You still will need to purchase all the materials and tools to do the project, after all. While a successful DIY project is indeed cheaper overall since the cost of labor is only your own time and sweat, you still need to budget. You do not want to get caught off guard by the surprisingly high costs of the materials you will use for your bathroom DIY project. And remember - if you mess it up, the cost will be more than doubled, as you will need a contractor now to redo it. Proceed with caution.