dirty bath tub replace
Is your bathtub looking a bit worse than it should? Is it older than you are? Maybe you’re simply remodeling your bathroom, and the bathtub needs an update to fit the rest of the room. Take a really close look at and see if there are serious signs of needing a replacement bathtub. After all, replacing a tub is no small feat - or cost.

At a minimum, a decent bathtub should be functional, clean, and practical. If your bathtub does not meet all three of these specific criteria, the time has come to look into replacement options for your San Antonio bathroom.


Bathtubs are not there to look pretty, they are there to serve a functional purpose. If your bathtub is not working perfectly and it detracts from the amount you use it, then it has lost its value as a functional fixture in your bathroom. At that point, it is just a huge waste of space.

The most basic of your bathtub’s functions is holding water. How well does yours do that? Have you been noticing a little (or big) puddle of water on the floor every time you use it? If so, your tub probably has a leak. It could be a crack in the pipes or the basin itself. In any case, leaks will not go away over time - they will only get worse and worse. If it remains, it could cause damage to your foundation, or cause dangerous mold growth. If you are noticing a leak, you need to shop for a tub replacement as soon as possible.


In order for bathtubs to serve their full purpose, they need to be regularly cleaned. Scrubbing the tub every week or so is always a good idea (unless of course no one in your family has used it at all during the last week). It’s a good matter of hygiene, but it is also an easy way to detect a problem.

Bathtubs are supposed to get dirty, but sometimes, even when you clean the bathtub regularly, it can form a stain in the shape of a ring around the tub. Chances are you have seen this ring before and have scrubbed it until it disappears. If it goes away with some thorough cleaning, you are in the clear. If you scrub and scrub and there is still a visible ring, you are in trouble. There’s no amount of scrubbing that can fix that- it’s time to find a new tub.

Some people find that this staining is an issue because of hard water. Unfortunately, hard water can be a common problem in San Antonio and the nearby areas. If this is the case for you, you should try replacing your tub with a black one that is porcelain-enameled so that this discoloration is not so easily spotted.


Practicality is equally important to cleanliness and functionality. Taking a bath isn’t just supposed to be for cleaning purposes - it is also supposed to be relaxing. Therefore, if your tub doesn’t provide you with a pleasant experience, it turns into a waste of space.

If your bathtub is tricky to climb into and out of, you probably won’t have the most relaxing experience when you take a bath. Or perhaps it’s just too small for you or another family member. Some bathtubs were simply placed poorly in the setup of your bathroom, so maybe yours is just in an awkward spot. If any of these problems seems to describe your current bathtub, it is time to replace it.