JetsHydrotherapy has been around in some form or another for its healing and restorative powers since ancient times. During ancient Roman times, they were exotic bathhouses. Now, we enjoy luxury spas. The only thing that has changed is the types of therapeutic baths offered.

People have turned to hydrotherapy to ease their minds from a stressful life, healing relief from physical ailments, detoxifying the body and improving their skin. Baths have always been a popular option for revitalizing the mind, body, spirit, and soul. The benefits are endless!

Present-day scientific advancements in hydrotherapy have dramatically improved how we bathe. Now it is even easier to experience the pleasure of partaking in various forms of relaxing baths within our homes.

The 3 Styles of Hydrotherapy Tubs

Let’s explore the three different types of hydrotherapy tubs that can accommodate your way of life. Here is a breakdown so you can decide which is best for you!

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1. Air Tubs

  • Surrounds your body with nice bubbles that lightly embraces your skin.
  • Ignites the senses with the beautiful, intoxicating scents of aromatherapy oils.
  • Adds small bubbles to the bath for an enjoyable, relaxing experience.
  • Incorporates touch receptors to aid in gently relieving stress.
  • Tubs come equipped with a cleaning system.

2. Full Body Massage Tubs

  • A perfect combination of both the whirlpool and air tubs enhancing your experience with pressurized water and gentle bubbles.
  • Offers inviting water temperatures throughout your entire bath when using the inline water heater.
  • Provides the best form of complete enjoyment by blending the feeling of focused massage and comfortable fizz.
  • Your mind, body, and spirit will be fully stimulated by the variety of aromatherapy oil options to add to your relaxing bath.
  • Includes an intelligent cleaning system that removes the worry of cleaning from your mind.

3. Whirlpool Tubs

  • Get fast relief from muscle pain and discomfort with a deep tissue massage.
  • Air jets are positioned just right to properly direct the water with high pressure.
  • Offers an experience that adjustable jets that specifically cater to your body’s needs.
  • When combined with an inline heater, the tub keeps a consistent cozy water temperature.
  • A tub cleaning system is needed to use relaxing aromatherapy bath oils.
Livening your senses and ending your day with a relaxing bath should be a part of your everyday experience. There is a hydrotherapy tub that is perfect for everyone. We make selecting a comfortable tub that fits your specific needs easy.

Each manufacturer has their own instructions for use and cleaning. Always read your tub’s specs before using it.

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