shutterstock_474082288Summer is almost over, and now it’s time for back to school. Soon, everyone in your will be fighting for their time in the bathroom every morning. Teenagers are at the age where they really care about their appearance, so they require more time to get ready every day.

Here are some important bathroom remodeling ideas that will ease the stress of having teenagers.

Give them room to breathe

You may not remember your teenage years, but as a friendly reminder, teens require a lot of space. Adding additional storage in your bathroom is ideal. By implementing more storage spaces for the teens in the home, they will be able to easily find their belongings.

Bigger is better

The less time your teens spend fighting for space, the better. Add a place where everyone can get ready without feeling rushed or fighting over the mirror and space on the countertops. A double vanity sink can make a world of a difference in your bathroom.

Additional Electrical Sockets

When you have several people using the bathroom at once in the morning, this means more hair appliances are being used at the same time. Add more electrical sockets to ensure everyone gets the amount juice needed to get ready for school.

Separate the boys from girls

Both teen girls and boys can take about the same amount of time to get ready. Imagine them having to wait an hour just to get bathroom time each morning? By adding another bathroom to your home, you can eliminate this issue even if all you can muscle is a half bath.

Bathroom space is not always necessary

You don’t have to add another bathroom or increase the space in an existing one to suit your family needs. Try remodeling the bedrooms just enough so everyone can groom in their respective rooms. With multiple hair appliances, a private power room and other necessities in each bedroom your teens will be ready in no time with less of a challenge.

Hot Water

Every home has the dreaded hot water issue. There is only so much water available in hot water tanks, and it doesn’t take long before someone gets stuck with a cold shower. This is where an on-demand water heater becomes very useful.

Bathroom remodel for busy families

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