shutterstock_52966966Most of us would love to update our bathrooms. Unfortunately, most of us also can’t afford to pay for a complete remodel. Thankfully, there are a number of cheap (or even free) ways to update the look and feel of your bathroom. Sometimes all we need are some simple, inexpensive changes to make that bathroom feel fresh and shiny again. Accessories on the counter Take out the current accessories that you have on your bathroom counter and find new ones to replace them. This could mean going shopping for a matching new set, or it could mean finding unique options around your house that you hadn’t considered using for this before. An old, beautiful bowl could serve as a soap dish. A cup or glass of any kind can work for toothbrushes, and a nice-looking plate can hold your makeup.

And while we’re discussing the counter, let’s think about what needs to be kept there (and what doesn’t need to be there). The most important question with countertop accessories is whether it will look good there. Toothpaste, contact solution, and other toiletries likely won’t do anything for the aesthetics of your counter and bathroom. Keep them tucked away in a drawer or cabinet to freshen up your bathroom.

Decorate and furnish If your bathroom has space, you could add some fun decorations to make it feel completely different. This could mean some decorative countertop items, perhaps a table lamp and side table, or some driftwood or seashells. Furniture, in general, is usually underused in bathrooms, so be bold and put something in there such as a side table or stool with a potted plant (or anything else) on it. Besides, who said a bathroom had to be sterile in terms of style?

While we’re still on the decorating train of thought, let’s consider artwork. Do you already have some art hanging from the walls? If so, switch it out with something new. You can always change it back in six months or a year to freshen it up again. If you don’t have any artwork in your bathroom, just print out some favorites, frame them (it doesn’t need to be an expensive frame), and hang them up. This will add a dash of color to a sterile bathroom.

Change the shower curtain Switching out the shower curtain (and the liner) will do wonders of freshening up your bathroom and making it feel brand new. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to change the feeling of your bathroom. While you’re doing that, a new bathmat is also probably a good idea. Paint If you want to up the ante a bit and spend a little more time and money, go for a new paint job. Change the color to alter the feeling of your bathroom. Also, paint the cabinets (or only paint the cabinets to freshen up your bathroom’s look at a lower cost). It might be worth the extra time and effort required because painting your bathroom will make it feel more different than if you tried updating it in another way.