shutterstock_218472820We all know someone who has one of those bathrooms that everyone envies: they’re chic, modern, and shiny, and make us think we could never afford a bathroom like it. No matter how clean and tidy our own bathrooms are, it still seems like we could never get that same luxurious, stylish look. But what if it wasn’t as difficult or expensive as it sounds? There are a few inexpensive changes you can make to your bathroom to trick people into thinking you’ve spent an arm and a leg when actually you spend barely any time or money at all on it. Smoked glass If you are going to put glass in your bathroom, try using smoked glass instead of regular, transparent glass. It makes a big difference in how a bathroom feels to the user. Smoked glass is perhaps best utilized in a shower, as it provides some sense of privacy and refinement. It will add an overall warmth to your bathroom as well. And the beauty of using smoked glass instead of regular glass is that it isn’t that much more expensive, making it an easy and affordable upgrade. Of course, if you aren’t crazy about the look of smoked glass, adding clear glass in place of a shower curtain will also go a long way. Clear glass can help create a more open look in your bathroom; having that instead of a curtain makes your entire bathroom look more modern. Tiling the walls If you can afford it, you could tile the floor as well as all of the walls. It adds a sense of luxury and grandness that you wouldn’t otherwise feel. If this is not in your budget or you want more variety in your bathroom, simply tile the floor and one or two walls in the same tile (or stone), making the entire room look put-together and chic. Keep the other walls white to highlight the tile. If you are wondering what type of tile to use to make your bathroom modern and luxurious, you can go for some larger statement stone. If you don’t want to spend quite so much money, try just using a standard subway tile instead of going for a fake stone version -- it’s better to do something simpler right than something fancier wrong. If you still want a dramatic look, use a dark-colored grout behind the subway tile. Remember as well that the pattern of the tile makes a big difference; it’s not only the type of tile itself that matters. Mirror, mirror The larger the mirror, the better. First of all, if you are tiling the wall with the mirror on it, a bigger mirror means less tiling (and therefore a lower cost). But a large mirror also makes a small bathroom feel much bigger. If you place the lighting strategically with the mirror, such has hanging down in front of the mirror rather than above it, it will also double the light in your room (making it bigger and brighter).