free standing tubIf your bathroom is in need of an update, now is a great time to do just that. This year has so far turned out to be an awesome time to check up on the trends and update your bathroom accordingly. Experts say that the trends that are popular now are also going to be popular for years to come - so this is the perfect time to make some changes to the most-used room of your home. It’s a time when you don’t have to worry so much about future changes. If you redo your bathroom now, it will be considered up to date for a long, long while.

There are a few specific trends that are considered especially wise choices when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. Keep reading to find out what those trends are.

Bigger showers & Dual Shower Heads

Showers are getting more and more elaborate these days. One of the best ways to update a shower is simply by increasing its size - and the number of shower heads. Walk-in showers are becoming extremely popular and are more often favored over the “cubicle” showers many of us have grown up with. This is because a larger shower means a bigger focus on wellness and healing, rather than the on-the-go showering style.

Dual shower heads allow more than one person to shower at once, and often they are accompanied by more customizable options during the shower. This allows for maximum comfort and relaxation during a shower, which is what people want these days.

Free Standing Tubs

These have been the most beloved addition to bathrooms for a while now. This is perhaps because they can be almost like a form of art in the bathroom, and when they are standalone, they are the focal point of the whole bathroom. When the focus is on the bathtub, the main theme of the whole room is going to be relaxation - and that’s the big theme of 2015. A freestanding bathtub can balance out the look of your bathroom, such as a curved or circular bathtub in a highly angular bathroom.

Since some people simply don’t have the floor space for a freestanding bathtub, they can consider getting a semi-inset freestanding bathtub instead. It will allow for the convenient counter space for shampoo and soap while still having the aesthetic benefits of a fully freestanding tub.

Resemblance to Other Rooms

A bigger and bigger trend is the idea of designing the bathroom in a way that mimics how other rooms in the house would look. Why shouldn’t your bathroom have the same San Antonio charm? Cabinets that look like furniture, vanities with elegantly carved wood, and even actual furniture like chairs and sofas are more commonly being added to bathrooms to increase their feeling of calm, comfort, and openness.

Sustainable Materials

As with most areas these days, bathroom renovations are seeing an increase in sustainability interest. This means people want to use new materials such as quartz for countertops or cabinets, or else materials that have already been recycled. Reclaimed wood or using antique furniture, for instance, is a popular way of mixing trendiness with sustainability.