throwing money down drainBathroom remodeling companies are usually just fine to work with, but there have been problems in the San Antonio area, creating some cause for concern. Basically what happens is that people either build a crap company or they pose as a company to get your money and skip town. This is quite common with contractors, where they can charge you large amounts of money up front and then leave if needed. There are several ways to stay away from these scammers, especially since the San Antonio area is filled with so many contractors. Let’s say you plan on getting a new kitchen in your home and you want to interview a few contractors.
Let’s take a look at what you should look at before hiring a contractor for your remodeling needs.

How Much Are They Bidding? Is It Too Low?

If a contractor bids too low then there is a good chance they are cutting corners or just want to lure you in and then skip town. The more probably cause is that they want to cut corners. For example, if you pay a small price for a new kitchen, the contractor might go out and get poor materials or underqualified workers. This leaves you with a big mess at the end and you might have to pay someone else to fix it up.

Are They Asking for a Large Chunk of Money Up Front?

When a contractor ask you for a large chunk of money up front you want to be weary of their intentions. Sure you can give them a little down payments to help them out, but putting down thousands of dollars is somewhat crazy. You don’t know these people and you just put a large portion of your savings right into their pocket. They go home every night and who knows, they might not come back the next day.

Do They Not Communicate Well? Where’s the Showroom?

Take note if the contractor has problems with communication when you interview companies for your kitchen remolding job. If they don;t know how to communicate they might not have been in business for that long. They also might be ammeters if they don;t have a good website or if they aren;t using company email adresses. Check all the forms of communications to understand what is going on. Do they have a showroom to display exactly how you finished project is going to loo

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to identify a scam remodeling company in the San Antonio area. Have you ever been tricked or just left out to dry by a contractor in the past? Share your thoughts to help other people out.